We guarantee you will laugh your balls off. Click the links below to watch!

The first 3 installments of Industrial Retards are online now!

The long awaited sequel to EAS! Now with hipster and Twilight fan bashing!

Our most popular video ever! Based on the original NES Legend of Zelda game!

The Zit, the worst, yet best movie we ever made!

The first SORP film ever! Cruising and brutalizing! The rest of your sorry life will be a letdown by comparison!

My Life In Poo (preview only)

The League Of Extraordinary Industrial Retards (trailer)

Anti Piracy parody (based off of those annoying DVD anti piracy ads!)

Hearse Driver music video. Commissioned work from EJ Wells!

Emo Thirst. Whenever I am all out of ideas, I just go back to irritating the Emo kids.

Peanut Butter Jelly and Deadly Mutant Time!