Legend of Zelda, a Pain in my Ass

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Trivia -

Filmed on digital video, a Sony 3CCD cam. If you are an aspiring film maker, I stand behind Sony products. Many will steer you towards Canon, don't go there. They have horrid depth of field and all three of our Canons have failed within a year. Not worth the money!

The bar scene was filmed at Cafe Netherworld on 13th and Pennsylvania in Denver Colorado.

The castle is Bishop's Castle in Beulah Colorado, see more info here http://www.roadsideamerica.com/story/2047 the guard killed by Link is the castle builder, Jim Bishop, who built the entire structure by hand.

Gannons shirt is a World Gym shirt, we spent all out money on Link's costume, so we wanted a cheap way to make Gannon come off as kind of a jockish jerk.

The castle was 3.5 hours away, the day of filming we left in a 2 door hatchback and barely had room to move with all the gear. Aubrey, Dragan and myself are all over 6 feet tall, Audra was the only person under 6 feet, we had 2 bags of makeup, 3 bags of costume, a TV set, VCR, 300 feet of extension cord, a boom mic, camera, a coffe table, sheild, sword and extra lighting. There was no room to move or see out most of the windows.

All items, including a couch had to be carried up a tiny staircase to the top floor of the castle in the dead of winter with no heat.

Yes, the green cannon arm in the beginning is supposed to be Samus Aran. JUSTIN BAILEY FTW motherfuckers!

The cave scene was filmed at the local museum.

All the film clips were reversed after filming to show Link holding the sword in his left hand as Link is a lefty.

The ladder scene was shot in 1 take.

Links costume was hand made. My parents owned a drapery shop, so I grew up, reluctantly, knowing how to sew.

The Octaroc was made out of an inflated rubber ball sold as a novelty item.