The SORP cast and crew

More about the people who will rock your cock clean off with their badassitude.
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Zachary Byron Helm founded both the Agents of SORP as well as SORP He writes and edits all the films and acts in most of them as well. Find him on Myspace and Livejournal, you can also access his personal website here.

Desiree Stark joined SORP films in 2008 and appears every time we need a female and has been in Emo Thirst, the PBJ video, My Life in Poo and the League of Extraordinary Industrial Retards. Find her on Myspace.

Richard Coleman supplies our original soundtracks and scores and has appeared in almost every SORP film to date. Find him on Myspace

Kevin Henry has been a cameraman on several SORP Films and heads up the Denver Ghostbusters. He can turn doorknobs with the power of his mind, hammer a nail through a 2X4 with nothing more than his penis, and can hold the camera steady nearly 30% of the time. Find him on Myspace.

Dragan Kasimir has helped on numerous SORP projects and is one badass mofo when it comes to web design. Visit his Myspace and hit him up if you need affordable (not free, but worth it) web design!

Ubersoldat is a fellow film maker and supplies us with all our moving graphics used in our productions. Find him on Myspace.

Aubrey Ellen Shomo has filmed Legend Of Zelda A Pain In My Ass, the Anti Piracy Parody and the Hearse Driver video. Find her personal website here.