Emo Assault Squadron


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Trivia -

Filmed on digital video, probably a Panasonic.

This was filmed in two days, edited in one week and was the first SORP film ever.

The punches don't sync up because I had no clue how to do that in Windows Movie Maker at the time.

The hearse used was a 1981 Superior 3-way Cadillac named Anna (short for the medical term Anaphylactic Shock)

Was featured on a Fox News special report on the Emo trend.

This film had no script at all, I just told people what to say or to ad lib it.

There was no more than two takes for each shot.

The used clothing store was Buffalo Exchange on 13th ave in Denver.

The dash light used on the hearse is an actual funeral light used in processions.

Unit 242 (when talking on the radio) is a reference to legendary industrial band, Front 242.

When I said "Hit it" and touched something on the roof, I figured it would look like I was hitting an overhead switch, turning on the light. In reality, the switch is on the dash, which Mike hits, there isn't jack shit on the roof of my hearse, I just thought it would look better.

Joe (the Emo) was actually tackled by Mike, he was not aware that this was going to happen, when you hear him scream it was real.

Joe's fake hair was small hair pieces that I bought at Kmart, they kept falling out because they were held in by hair clips.

The fake teeth were pieces of mint gum.

I didn't actually curb an Emo in this film, but I did try to drag a fellow motorist from his Subaru after a traffic altercation at an intersection. I was not successful but we did get me screaming at him on film!

While filming a car driving by slowed down after seeing Joe (the Emo) resting his face on the curb and asked "Is she OK!?"


For anyone who is curious, I do NOT CARE ABOUT EMOS ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. I made this video because the idea occurred to me when I was obsessed with online police beating videos and I thought it would be funny. I am not sure what disturbs me more, the people who go off ranting on how they'd like to kick my ass if they ever meet me (incidentally, good luck on that, I am over 6 foot 2, I have been in more fights than you have, and I spend a LOT of time working on cars, so I have a decent amount of muscle, you will probably want to bring friends if you plan on dispensing the ass kickings you so adamantly promise me on the instawebs) or if I am more disturbed by the people who write me telling me how much they love the video and want to kill all the Emos.

Ok guys, look, here it is... I DON'T CARE. It was a comedy, get over it. I don't really hate Emos. The fact is, when I got into the goth scene, we endured a bunch of ribbing from the punk rockers because we were like more pussy versions of punks, now that Emos are around we are just glad there is a pussier version of goth! So take your good natured ribbing like a man that looks like a chick for crying out loud! Also, I am well aware of all the "factual" errors in this flick. I didn't know shit about Emo, that should be obvious within like 40 seconds of the flick and I didn't feel like doing any research.

Incidentally, I am glad that there is a new generation of black wearing depressed teens out there, seriously. I am happy to see that the counter culture has evolved into something new that the youth enjoys and that does not conform to Archie and Veronica stereotypes.