Anti Piracy Ad Parody



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Trivia -

This was filmed in two days on a Sony 3CCD camera and edited by Zachary Byron Helm.

Filmed by Aubrey Ellen Shomo
Written By Zachary Byron Helm
Starring -
Zachary Byron Helm - Motherfucker
Sherri - The mother
Shad Krakowski - Cat Fucker
Seraphine - The cat being fucked
Joe Hicks - Best friend fucker
Chicago Mike Osborn - The best friend

Trivia -

The Anti Piracy music was written by Shad Krakowski.

Joe Hicks who played the Emo in Emo Assault Squadron that was collared by Chicago Mike played the best friend raper in this film, thus turning the tables on the previous roles they had played.

All scenes were shot without sound because we were too lazy to hook up the shotgun mic.

I didn't tell Shad what he would be doing before he got on scene. I just called him and said "Hey man, you like cats right? Want to be in my new short film?" and that was that, he had no idea he'd be reaming a cat from behind. This is what you get for being my friend. Demeaning parts for no monetary gain in horrible internet videos. It's a wonder anyone even socializes with me.

Items on the "Dealers" table - Fake cocaine, toy hearses, Robocop gun replicas, DVDs, syringes for Zac's rat's medicine (he owns several pet rats) SORP armband, Orange Julias cup, sunglasses, cell phones belonging to the cast and their girlfriends, cd player