Peanut Butter Jelly and Deadly Mutant Time!

Disclaimer! Fuck Welch's Jelly. Very long story short, we made this video for a contest they were holding and later found out that we should have been awarded recognition on their website as a top 10 finalist (we were number 3!) but they decided to exclude our video, deny us the recognition we earned and hope no one noticed. When we inquired they advised us that they were a family company and didn't want to be associated with our video.

Nice. I love how the term "Family Values" always goes hand in hand with some form of discrimination. I do NOT endorse their product after this, in my opinion they are a load of twat waffles and can suck the horned cock of satan. This video is still here though because we did a damned fine job and it deserves to be seen, even if Welch's screwed us!


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Trivia -

This was filmed in two days on a horrible Canon HV40 or something. All I know is that camera sucked.

Yes, we really hit a fire hydrant in the crash scene. We didn't intend to, but the footage was good enough that we altered the film's plot to include it. 

The camera shots that were filmed from the hood and doors were not achieved using a high priced car tripod, we used 99 cent electrical tape. It is far safer and reliable than those rigs and costs a hell of a lot less, just use a LOT of it!

We borrowed the baby from my neighbor 2 doors down. Desiree and I don't have a kid. Thank the fuck Christ.

The car the mutants drive is Kris Shewman's 1958 Olds 98, also seen in My Life In Poo.

Rammstien-esque music by Richard Coleman

Valentino (chase music) by Alex Can't Sleep