LOOK! A hot chick!

Now that I have your attention...

Hearseclub.com is celebrating 20 years of existence as a club and online resource!

In that time we have worked hard to produce original content, educational materials, videos and more for the hearse and ambulance enthusiasts of the web! It costs us around $60 a month for a reliable server (most of this cost is due to the huge number of pages, images and the amount of traffic we receive monthly!)

As we prepare for HearseCon and our next round of updates we are finding it difficult to keep up with our hosting bill. We are asking that if you are able, to please make a donation below! The link accepts Paypal, debit or credit cards (It says Paypal but you do not have to have an account to donate) and you can send any amount you like! We are attempting to reach $250 to pay for the next few months of hosting.

Why donate? Well because if you do and we meet our goal we will post a HUGE update in March consisting of 2 NEW HEARSE GIRL GALLERIES and a ton of new content and resources you've never seen before!

Thanks for reading!
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