June 4th-7th, Westminster Colorado
Sponsored by The Frightmare Compound

HearseCon is back for the 9th year and we want you to be there to kick ass. This years main event, the Decay and Shine car show will be graciously hosted by The Frightmare Compound in Westminster Colorado. The show will be a dusk show and will have magic, live music and more!

Featured on the Discovery Channel, NBC, CBS, Channel 2, Westword, the Denver Post, Rebel Rodz, The Travel Channel and Forbes!



What is HearseCon all about?

HearseCon is like a funeral at a rock concert, Sturgis for hearse owners, Burning Man for People who shower...
If you want to spend 3 days surrounded by hearses, hot girls and excitement then there is nowhere else that you need to be.

HearseCon has been featured on the Travel Channel, local and national news, the Syndicated Press, Rebel Rodz Magazine and was the site of one wedding! 

 We do not care if you are young or old, if your hearse is a hot rod or bone stock, a perfect specimen or a work in progress, we want you there! 


This isn't one of those OTHER hearse conventions where it's just a bunch of guys sitting around looking at cars they only drive on and off of a trailer. At Hearse-Con you won't find a sausage fest and a bunch of trailer queen cars. This is a real hearse club get together where there will be daily driver hearses, radical customs, live music, good looking dames (and seriously, what is the point of driving a cool car if there are no women around to impress?) and more action than should legally be allowed at a hearse meet.  

Why is Hearse-Con different?

1. It doesn't cost a few hundred dollars to attend. There is no registration fee, admission fee or club dues needed to participate. We even find ways to avoid big hotel rates by camping out in our hearses (not required, but recommended as it is a good time and saves you some money!) 

2. We encourage you to have fun, get rowdy and enjoy what these cars were made for.

3. Hearse Con is what you make of it. If you come expecting a vacation where every detail is planned and the organizers are catering to you, you'll be sorely disappointed. If you bring your hearse and plan on making friends and celebrating the entire weekend, you WILL have the time of your life. We encourage participation, so if you have something to bring to the table, let us know and we'll make it part of the event!

4. We welcome EVERYONE. We don't care if your car is bone stock perfection or if it barely drives and is a bonafide rust bucket, we want you to bring it. All hearses and ambulances in ANY condition are welcome!

Best of all, this is a FREE event. That means all it costs you is the gas money to get there. You don't have to join our club and pay membership fees to attend. You don't have to pay an entry fee to show your car on the show field. This is a good old fashioned grass roots meet where all we want from you is for you to show up and have a great time!

While you are welcome to find a hotel to stay in, we also have a cheaper lodging alternative. Friday and Saturday night we invite you to join us for Hearse Camping. Bring some sleeping bags and bedding and sleep in the back of your hearse while we cook over an open bonfire. Showering facilities will be available in the morning for all participants! We're not throwing this event to make money for a hotel, we're throwing it to have a great party. 
There is a cost of $30 a night to camp with us (it is paid to the parks department) but it still beats a hotel!


News Coverage of previous years HearseCon! 



Events will be added to the schedule as the weekend approaches as well

Friday June 5th

5:00 - 6:30 Meet and greet at the park (park location to be announced via email). Before the evenings events we will be meeting to strategize our first cruise of the night and get everyone together. We will also be playing a rousing game of "Capture the funeral flag" as a way of getting to know our fellow hearse drivers and break the ice!

6:30 - 6:45 Caravan to dinner

Midnight - Camp out, bonfire and drive in movie at the camp site! (location given at time of check in) Join us for late night marshmallow roasting, socializing and consumption of beer, wine or Dr. Pepper as we wind down and get ready for the big day. We are camping in a state funded park, so admission of $30 per car is required, but it is still cheaper than a motel and you get to hang out with us!


Saturday June 6th

11:00 AM - Hearse Picnic! Location disclosed at time of the event 

5:00 PM - 10:00 PM The 8th annual Decay 'N Shine car show NOCTURNAL SHOW! At the Frightmare Compound! 10798 Yukon St, Westminster, CO 80021 Caskets and other morbid displays are strongly encouraged. Live music performances by local musicians. Bring your hearse paraphernalia and parts to sell at our swap meet as well! Live music, awards for best hearses as well as your chance to meet the Hearse Girls live and in person will all be happening!

This event is going to be held AT NIGHT this year! This will help us avoid the heat, show off the cars with light effects, emergency lights and will be a first for a hearse show anywhere in the country.


Sunday June 7th -

1:00 PM So you're still here, eh? Well then you might as well join us for a relaxing picnic in one of our local, yet not uptight cemeteries as we wind down and say our goodbyes. 



But WHY...why come to Hearse-Con? Gas prices are expensive, it's a long way to drive, whatever your excuse for not coming is, consider this...

Let's say you live 1,000 miles away.  If you drive an average of 60 miles per hour that means you would be here in 16 hours (give or take some rest stops and refueling)

16 hours.

What have you done in the last 16 hours that has been a great memory you will have for decades to come? Chances are you probably went to work, came home, watched some TV and went to bed. Those 16 hours weren't spent in any way that will be something you will remember on your death bed. Spend 16 hours coming to Hearse-Con and we guarantee we will rock your ass off!

As for the money aspect, this event is FREE. We have gone to great lengths to make sure every part of Hearse-Con is easily available to everyone. We have one tour that costs under $7.00 and camping out with us is $30 (we lost our free camping site, so this we are trying out a state park this year) the rest is absolutely free, the car show, all of it! Bring a friend and split the gas money and you are looking at the most affordable and best damned vacation you will ever have. We make out of towners welcome at this event and you are not going to leave without some new friends and great memories.

If you are planning on coming we highly recommend that you send us an email and let us know so we can make sure we have the proper accommodations for our out of town guests

Questions? Email us at incode64@yahoo.com 

Past HearseCon commercials and pictures:


Watch the HearseCon 2013 ad!


2011 Ad

2010 Ad


2009 Ad


Still not convinced? Here are some pictures from previous years of HearseCon!


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