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1964 Olds Hearse-Abby, 1973 Superior- Savannah, 1975 S&S-Alexi

Traveller Hawk 1960 Superior 3-way

Matt and Kim Jones

Sara Hellcat

Theresa Mercado

The Blues Brothers

Karl and Anna Newton


Gary Merrill

Art Prince and family

Brian James

Chris and Jay

Diablo and Christine

Ellie and Marv

Josh Holder

Norm and Christina

Rod Brewer

Squirell and Sandy Mudd

Troy Burbridge

Amber Rowe

1967 Pontiac Superior

Jeff Brown

1960 Superior Combo

JR & Donna 

1962 Superior Cadillac Royale Combination

Tim Martin

1989 Cadillac Endloader

Joe Garcia

1966 Cadillac S&S

Stan Swanson

1959 Cadillac Superior

James Whitman

1959 Cadillac Miller Meteor

Heather and Mike

1966 Sayers and Scovill


1984 Buick Endloader

Mary Sweeney

1984 Superior Endloader

Tim Inge

1967 Oldsmobile CB

Emma Hodges

1972 Oldsmobile CB

Leo B

1974 Miller Meteor Criterion Ambulance


Not really a hearse, but we let her slide...


1968 Superior Pontiac Endloader


1977 M&M Endloader Hearse

Dave Hopping

1973 S&S Endloader


1959 Cadillac hearse

Larry Rupple

1963 CB Olds Endloading hearse

Rob Spallone

1971 Miller Meteor Endloader


1967 Miller Meteor Limo Style

Tasia Kadri

1970 Miller Meteor Endloader


1975 Miller Meteor Endloader


1969 Miller Meteor Combination


1980 Miller Meteor 3-way

Jim and Kathy Losasso

1982 Superior endloader

Dave and Kriska Daltenhurst

1974 Superior 3-way

Josh Glisan

1970 Miller Meteor Endloader

Karin Selby

1967 Superior 3-way


1957 Chevy National Hearse

Erin Dougan

Yellow taxi cab of death

Mr. Scary

1969 M&M Combo

Big Jason Williams

1973 Cadillac Superior 3-way

Martin and Brandon Fistell

Loads of old hearses and ambulances

Either there is no picture, or you are retarded. I will Leave that up to you, the retard, to decide.

Amanda Mack

1958 M&M Endloader, 1974 Superior Pontiac Hearse


1980 Olds Landau

Bill Jones

1958 M&M Ambulance

Christian and Rachel Howard

1962 Caddy M&M 3-way

Gil Garcia

1965 Pontiac Consort hearse