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HearseCon 2014

Every year in June HearseCon happens! While most other big hearse events around the nation are only one day (and many of them are paid events) HearseCon remains a 4 day event, free of charge to any and all hearse drivers, filled with tons of hearses, ambulances, hot chicks, music and fire, it truly lives up to it's slogan of "Dames, Death and Depravity"

Yes, I realize this picture gallery has been a long time coming. Gimmee a break, it takes a lot of work to run a kick ass hearse club!



Early bird dinner, hearse cruise and trip to the arcade
Not an official night of HearseCon but we started getting so many early arrivals that we decided to do an early event this day!

You know HearseCon is coming when you're putting an engine in a Cadillac with 24 hours to spare!

Zac and Alex. We annexed the neighbors driveway to swap the engine out (Really, he was out of town for a few months so we just Hussein'd that shit for the greater good of hearse repair. Emanate Domained bitch!)

The lineup outside of the restaurant, which abruptly lost all of it's parking and most of it's sidewalk upon our arrival, and honestly, who the hell is gonna tell a giant group of people driving hearses to move their cars? Yeah, that's what I thought tough guy.

The dinner group Thursday night.

Sara, Karen and Molly Joe

Jordan, Molly Joe and Michelle

Out of town action!

Hearse Girl and hearse driver Sara

Sara and Karen

Night falls outside of the arcade

Much of HearseCon happens at night and many people show off their custom lighting effects!





Meet and greet, capture the funeral flag, dinner and camping!

The first arrival at the camp ground. Looks like he's been waiting a while...

Getting ready for capture the funeral flag

This kid is going DOWN!

Sara guarding the flag

To be fair no one in this picture bothered to google how to actually play the game so some rules were made up on the spot

Sara and Caitlin

Running from Molly Jo

Hearse Girl Chelsea

Eric, Robert, Brendon and Brian

Karen and Chelsea

The group assembled and getting ready for dinner

Some of the hearses at the meet and greet

The lineup

Getting ready to roll out!

Robert and Eric

Hearse Girl/Driver Sara and her Buick after a fresh semi gloss paintjob completed right before HearseCon this year!

Robert getting ready to get on the road

Hearses from our Pikes Peak chapter!

Steve and Lady

Harold and Karen came in with their crew from Sin City Coffin Dancers out of Vegas!

We're on your road, blocking up your traffic

Pulling into the former Griff's Parking lot to ruin yet another restaurants parking situation for the night

Steve Mayfield and son...kind sounds like a funeral home name!

You might have a custom car but chances are it's not as custom as this!

Lady premiered her newly altered hearse at the convention this year, take a look at some of that amazing metal work!

Fancy hood ornament

Time for food and relaxation. RIP Griffs, you will be missed!

Eric (Aka Robot)

Thankfully our invasion wasn't all bad news, we did bring a hell of a lot of business with us that night (they told us they made more in one night than they had all week with our visit, that was nice to hear)

Mallorie and Demetrius

Zac and Chelsea

It's all fun and games until someone breaks out a unicycle

Sad, isn't it? The only one who could stay on this thing is the freaking kid!




Cemetery picnic, Decay and Shine Car show, lights and sirens, live music and camping!


The campfire still burning at sunrise. If you do come to HearseCon I recommend camping every time, you get to stay up late, eat, drink, burn things and make new friends!

Sunrise coming up as we (sort of) wake up for the day!

Later on at the cemetery picnic.

Hearse Girl and local funeral director, Marika

Eric Pabst

It's not HearseCon until the cops have been called! Thank god some alert citizen was responsible enough to tell 911 that there were some hearses in the cemetery. That's almost as helpful as telling them that there are a bunch of ambulances at the hospital, dumb asses.

More arrivals

Sleepy time?

We welcome children at HearseCon, they are delicious.

Ron Walkers hearse, RIP buddy!

Gassing up for another trip that day...

Decay and Shine Car Show

The view at Frightmare Compound, our gracious host for Saturday!

Leo and his enviably perfect Criterion ambulance

Captain Blood tearing it up onstage

Steve and Trish Palmers ride

For you shoe fetishists out there

Hearse Girl Cynthia

Hearse Girl Roxy

Hearse Girl Chelsea on stage with her band Dustin Bones and the Body Stealers



The folks from Little Spider making an appearance

Ryan repping Canada this year!

Art's monster hearse

Vic's PT Cruiser hearse

Zachary and Chelsea

Hearse Girl Paige

Frightmare's Hearse

Matt saying hello


Hearse Girl Roxy

Desiree and Cynthia

Desiree solo

Leo, aka The Ladies Man!

Creeper shot!

Lots of inked dames at this years event!

Some awesome makeup

Sara and Caitlin

Hearse Girl Hannah


Kal and Christina

Decorating done properly

Mallorie and her hearse

Demetrius, Marika and Brian


The artist formerly known as Alex Krivocheev

All others, F.O.A.D.

Tim and his ride

More of Lady's sweet ride


More chicanery


Molly Jo, not in the mood apparently!

More from our resident Hearse Girls


Hearse Girl Cassie

Night fall and time to get the siren and light show on track!

Late arrival Rod Brewer!

Josh Holder, our gracious host welcoming everyone inside of the haunt!

Man, those legs go on for inches!

Newest hearse girl Sookie!

Yep, she's got all the poses down pat!

Night time at the camp ground

Fire, food, movies and maybe a bit of drinking



After party and trip to the dance club!

J.R. waking up next to Art. Wait, that sounds bad when I say it like that...

Ready to hit the road!

Does this group look a little hung over?

At the after party in the mountains!

By the creek at Lady's tattoo shop in the mountains

Damn, look how big that...river is!

Molly Jo and Sara

Potluck and decompression after 4 days of partying

Later on at the club, Sara and Cynthia go-go dancing


HearseCon happens every year in June, all hearse enthusiasts are welcome and encouraged to join us. We welcome anything from stock vehicles to radical customs and the entire event is free! Go to this page for details on the next HearseCon!