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HearseCon 2015

HearseCon 2015 knocked it out of the park, thanks to everyone who showed up! Hearses from Colorado, California, Canada, Illinois, Texas and more made the trek to join us this year. Torrential rain falls every single day narrowly missed every single event which was both awesome and a bit terrifying. In the end it was great because we stayed cool, dry and morbid!

Thanks to our hosts, Frightmare Compound
Stevo's Pizza
Ravenwood Lady Tattoos



Early bird dinner, hearse cruise and trip to the arcade
Not an official night of HearseCon but we started getting so many early arrivals that we decided to do an early event this day!

Welcome to Colorado!

The early bird dinner at Griffs Burgers (RIP, we miss you guys!)

Lined up and taking over the parking lot

1967 Superior 3 way

Molly Jo only lost a few pieces of her car on her way in

Jami and Sara

Some of our friends from the Pikes Peak chapter made it down

Ravenwood Lady Tattoos hearse

Alan Fistells ride

The crowd

Steve and lady

Out of towners!

Matt making it out

Robb, Karen and Harold

Alex Marie

The Frightmare Compound hearse

Zac and Sookie on the ride to the arcade!



Steve O's Pizza, DJ Betel Juice, flaming sword fighting and camping!


Caitlin modeling for the event!

Zachary, Hearse Girl Nicole and regular creepy Mexican Demetrius!

Hearse Girl Nicole

Some of the Hearses Friday night at Stevo's Pizza in Aurora

Alex's 73 Superior

Some of our friends from Oklahoma made it out this year!

Hearse Girl/hearse driver Sara with her 1990 Buick

The scene from the street at Stevo's Pizza

Some more of our out of town guests

Mel and Alex

Demetrius and Mel doing god knows what

Firing up the flamethrower

Elizabeth and Sara

Fountain represent!

Robert N!

Lytawn made it back again this year!


The beginning of the propane sword battles. This is an actual event at HearseCon, attempting to knock other people off the rails using fire breathing swords!

The battles begin!

A fierce competition!

Stevo's badass hearse getting ready for the hearse obstacle course/races

The starting line

Molly Jo and Jordan winning the race!

Bad ass landau bars

The rain started up, thankfully right as we were wrapping up for the night




Cemetery picnic, Decay and Shine Hearse Show, live music, freak show, awards, light and siren show and camping!

Waking up from camping

The Oklahoma crew...waking up or still awake?

Alexi at the camp ground


Cemetery picnic time!

Robb aka Skully with Countess

Picnic time!

Decay and Shine Hearse Show

Dave Monterro

Converging on the Frightmare Compound in Westminster for the car show Saturday

Rainbows and hearses

Leo arrives

The show field

Some awesome rainbow action after the short rainstorm!

Tiegs hearse

Hearse Girl Nicole again

Mallorie and her 1991 Cadillac hearse

Hearse Girl Dorie

Truckasaurus tearing it up on stage for the live music portion of the night find them here on Facebook

Schizero playing the main stage Saturday, find them on Facebook here

Actual funeral directors attend the event too! Elaine and Sara brought their ride and several vintage mortuary tools

Zachary and minigun with Alexi the hearse

At the edge of the haunted house

Some fun mortuary tools to keep your mouth shut after you die!

Rachel, Dorie and Alex


James badass Caprice hearse

Nurse Sara

Molly Jo dressed up for the big day

Sara and Molly Jo with Leo's Miller Meteor Criterion


Evan Kane taking some pictures, find his work here



Lytawn showed up again this year!


Mallorie and Alle!

Faded Freakshow performing. Find them online here

Anna and Liz

The Hearse Girls manning the merch booth

Molly Jo and Jordan

Izzy, Chris and Jami

Hearse Girl Cassie

Hearse Girl Hannah


Eric, AKA Robot after performing

Night time coming out and the hearse effects coming on!

Hearse awards created by Brian James, he does custom awards, placards and just about everything you can cut with a lazer, look him up here



HearseCon After Party in the mountains

Waking up at the campground


Lined up outside of Ravenwood Lady tattoo in the mountains for the end of weekend/afterparty and potluck

Lady, our host for the afternoon

Atti having a little hard luck on the way home!


HearseCon happens every year in June, all hearse enthusiasts are welcome and encouraged to join us. We welcome anything from stock vehicles to radical customs and the entire event is free! Go to this page for details on the next HearseCon!