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The first ever Hearse Prom

Hearse Prom was held inside of a decommissioned tire factory. Basically the idea was to hold a prom for hearse owners where we would dance, drink and eat all night in a place big enough that we could do it around our hearses, it worked out great and we had an awesome time!

DSCN0406.JPG (335305 bytes)
Alice and Danielle

DSCN0411.JPG (358581 bytes)
Chelsea and Sara

DSCN0412.JPG (379508 bytes)
Our lighting system for the event, Arsenica the 1991 Superior

DSCN0414.JPG (365848 bytes)
Matt Jones Miller Meteor providing the sound/music for the event

6914908987_74af2a73aa_b.jpg (364550 bytes)
Closer look at the sound system

6915115429_c97fe1b682_b.jpg (362165 bytes)
Odd Child

DSCN0417.JPG (405016 bytes)
Some of the hearses inside

DSCN0428.JPG (321695 bytes)
Jessica and Angel

DSCN0431.JPG (355259 bytes)
Sara and Chelsea

DSCN0433.JPG (319077 bytes)

DSCF0483.JPG (296182 bytes)

DSCF0499.JPG (309449 bytes)
Rod and Marika

DSCN0471.JPG (176986 bytes)
More hearses inside!

DSCN0473.JPG (208103 bytes)

DSCN0474.JPG (205890 bytes)

DSCN0475.JPG (191220 bytes)

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DSCN0480.JPG (240569 bytes)

DSCN0437.JPG (334514 bytes)
Jacques and Kellie

DSCN0438.JPG (319667 bytes)

DSCN0441.JPG (374735 bytes)
George and Sue

DSCN0443.JPG (378502 bytes)

6915136011_700fd996bb_b.jpg (286040 bytes)
Sara and Zachary

6915090617_d570eb5ea0_b.jpg (245209 bytes)
Danielle and Demetrius

396257_10150616060528926_837053925_8999776_1008277546_n.jpg (195955 bytes)
Dancing to Electric Six

421500_173940466053180_100003116833643_271574_642700883_n.jpg (192403 bytes)

401416_3334517082698_1261689201_33440917_1030220797_n.jpg (157484 bytes)

6915128815_c0f174a3d8_b.jpg (282630 bytes)
That's not an uber awesome swing dance move, that's me abusing Chelsea and helping her up afterwards

6915128823_aeaa1b23b9_b.jpg (301826 bytes)
Putting ice up Danielle's skirt

6915128857_431e08cf76_b.jpg (308456 bytes)

6915136015_01386a8f71_b.jpg (224694 bytes)

6915141185_c64aa52947_b.jpg (554586 bytes)
Anastasia and Leslie

6915141197_f2158ffbe5_b.jpg (315370 bytes)
Rob and Hannah

6915141217_e1a1b4a297_b.jpg (353255 bytes)
Rachel and Nate

6915145765_01069bfcf2_b.jpg (255595 bytes)

DSCN0444.JPG (491255 bytes)

DSCN0445.JPG (254046 bytes)

DSCN0446.JPG (381679 bytes)
Lady and friends

DSCN0447.JPG (330706 bytes)
Rod Brewer

DSCN0449.JPG (356357 bytes)
Hovering around the heater

6915115455_8e121faac3_b.jpg (410652 bytes)

6915135991_31077906c7_b.jpg (277268 bytes)

DSCN0451.JPG (290794 bytes)

DSCN0454.JPG (297168 bytes)
The rest of the facility acts as storage for a massive Cadillac collection belonging to the Brewers

DSCN0456.JPG (300881 bytes)

401352_10150616059128926_837053925_8999763_518795455_n.jpg (217494 bytes)

423861_10150616060268926_837053925_8999774_1728880611_n.jpg (183013 bytes)

424050_3169032101371_1132526664_3299064_1648538930_n.jpg (183571 bytes)

6915079457_6b95ccc187_b.jpg (418697 bytes)

6915086611_3bc6a9860b_b.jpg (450353 bytes)

6915156121_9c4ba46dc6_b.jpg (377573 bytes)

407245_3169035541457_1132526664_3299073_44943667_n.jpg (214165 bytes)

417301_3169035181448_1132526664_3299072_924423038_n.jpg (202933 bytes)

418453_3169032501381_1132526664_3299065_249793914_n.jpg (212062 bytes)

419036_3334525642912_1261689201_33440925_1378417813_n.jpg (191166 bytes)

416791_3169034341427_1132526664_3299070_2026633446_n.jpg (216589 bytes)

DSCN0460.JPG (304208 bytes)

DSCN0461.JPG (301236 bytes)

DSCN0464.JPG (288068 bytes)

DSCN0466.JPG (288885 bytes)

DSCN0468.JPG (294113 bytes)

DSCF0523.JPG (272051 bytes)

DSCF0526.JPG (276810 bytes)

DSCF0531.JPG (374438 bytes)

DSCF0534.JPG (311765 bytes)
Abe and Marika

DSCF0540.JPG (330662 bytes)

DSCF0541.JPG (294339 bytes)

DSCN0482.JPG (245752 bytes)
Chelsea dorking out

DSCN0483.JPG (334673 bytes)

DSCN0485.JPG (241492 bytes)
Jacques dancing to Thriller

DSCN0486.JPG (209986 bytes)

DSCN0489.JPG (274406 bytes)

DSCN0493.JPG (218137 bytes)

DSCN0496.JPG (242973 bytes)
When the Denver Hearse Association has an event women show up in their underwear. True story. Don't believe me? Proof click here!!

DSCN0500.JPG (232658 bytes)

DSCN0501.JPG (252863 bytes)
We got voted prom kind and queen, complete with tin foil crown and tiara, which smelled conspicuously like hot wings from the food table. I wonder...

6915180065_1f521e32fa_b.jpg (415473 bytes)

DSCF0515.JPG (275995 bytes)

DSCN0502.JPG (265972 bytes)
Nate and Chelsea cutting a rug

DSCN0507.JPG (230505 bytes)

DSCN0509.JPG (224179 bytes)

DSCN0511.JPG (215552 bytes)

DSCN0515.JPG (243001 bytes)

DSCN0517.JPG (233122 bytes)

DSCN0522.JPG (233514 bytes)

DSCN0523.JPG (238738 bytes)

424156_10150676418543735_545193734_11033957_1846560399_n.jpg (158726 bytes)

6915019233_5e1fba6f11_b.jpg (314886 bytes)

6915038303_e55112b23f_b.jpg (367138 bytes)

6915128865_81b3ef811f_b.jpg (350358 bytes)

6915156161_fd4851ccc5_b.jpg (394780 bytes)

6915162759_ef353cf713_b.jpg (495919 bytes)

6915166883_3907902dc9_b.jpg (427771 bytes)

6915173233_9d790a77b9_b.jpg (384416 bytes)

6915188229_24b42011df_b.jpg (559922 bytes)

DSCF0469.JPG (300060 bytes)

DSCF0470.JPG (240246 bytes)

DSCF0479.JPG (297428 bytes)

DSCF0480.JPG (309543 bytes)

DSCF0502.JPG (286153 bytes)

DSCF0506.JPG (302237 bytes)