Special thanks to 13th Floor Haunted House and Professor Phelyx!


The group outside of Rienke Brothers costume/Halloween shop for the early morning activity Friday

Alex and Melissa 

The beginning of the Friday evening meet and greet/game of Capture The Funeral Flag

Resident Hearse Girls for the evening, Chelsea and Sheena

The Blues Brothers arrive

Hearse Girl Danielle

Cheerleaders? Sorta...

Team 1 strategizing

Team 2 coming up with their plan of attack

The game of Capture The Funeral Flag begins!

Cheerleaders Chelsea and Sheena




Invading Griffs Burgers on Broadway before the evening cruise

We pretty much took the whole damned parking lot within about 90 seconds

Karl and Anna Newton

Our newest members Theresa and Aaron


Inside of Alexi getting ready for the cruise


Everyone lit up their lights after the cruise


Camping! Pilkes Peak Hearse Association at the front!

Leaving the campsite

The merch booth

Matt and his remote controlled hearse

Leos Criterion


Our guest magician, Professor Phelxy!


Hearse Girl Marika


Emma and her Oldsmobile hearse!

Sorry Emma, I had to put that picture online

Matt tries to prove that Hearse Boys would be a hit. I still think it would result in reduced traffic to our website.

Hearse Girl Jen

This year there was a competition for Hearse Girls, but it wasn't a beauty contest. Arm wrestling, a foot race and trivia were involved.

More Hearse Girl arm wrestling

Most of the Hearse Girls!

Sheena and Marika

Alice and Danielle

Heather accepting an award

Anita accepting Best of Show

DHA founders Jeff Brown and Zachary Byron Helm handing out awards

Norm presenting a framed collage from last years HearseCon, thanks to everyone in PPHA!

The most sought after Hearse Girls award...

Sheena doing her Vanna White impression

Kristina, Zachary, Norm

Hearse Girl Sara (Stay tuned, full set from her will be posted in the coming months on the site!)

Theresa and Demon's ambulance!


Tim grilling in his casket

Hearse Girl Jen


Marika and our gracious hosts, the 13th Floor Haunted House!

Jeff and Amanda

JR taking stock of the situation

Chelsea playing at the afterparty Saturday night



Camping Sunday morning, waking up

Picnic/potluck at the Martin estate

Happy Birthday!

Lowering property values in the area...

The beginning of the water fight...notice Chelsea's "OH SHIT!" face

Defending the patio 

The whole scene quickly getting out of control and escalating to using condiments instead of water...

Sometimes you just gotta hold a woman down until they calm down....

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