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HearseCon 2017 - Dames, Death and Depravity
Hearsecon happens every year in June in Denver Colorado and includes a car show, fire shows, racing, competitions, prizes, music, camping and of course, the Hearse Girls. Click here for info on HearseCon for this current year!

Getting ready for HearseCon 2018 by painting hearses in the front yard of Hearse House. The last Saturday before the event is ELNOS, or, "Everyones Last Night Of Sleep" because so many people are working on last minute upgrades or repairs to their cars. Hearse House hosts an ELNOS repair day that Saturday that goes well into the night getting cars ready for the show

Wednesday - Media Day!

Press packets, or media advisories as the kids call them these days, are an important part of getting the news to your event, HearseCon doesn't fuck around when it comes to media advisories. Full scale coffins with shirts, video ads and shit tons of candy are hand deliverered to news outlets in classic hearses and carried inside by Hearse Girls

Preparing for media day on Wednesday

Hearse Girls Lily, Michelle and Rae dressed up for the event

With the 67 and a newer hearse hauling the caskets.

Zac and Michelle going into the local alternative newspapers office. You'd be surprised how accepting the media is towards unmarked coffins as long as you tell them there's candy in it. I mean, literally there could have been anything in there, a bomb, ninjas, Juggalos...they just let us drop that bitch right in their news room without a seconds hesitation.

Rae sprinting for the door in high heels

"Giant reminder of your own impending mortality here for anyone who will take it"

Also cleavage....cleavage helps, it's like your back stage pass to EVERYTHING EVER. Thanks Rae.

Outside the news studio.

Thursday Early Bird Event


Outside the 88 Twin Drive in Movie for movie night.

88 Twin Drive in always welcomes us and usually gives us a shout out on the PA between the movies...in case anyone missed the fact that there were 40 hearses dominating the lot!

Stefan with his newly acquired hearse


Dillon, Marlena and James

Michelle and Dan, charming as always.

Random creeper shot

Partial line up from Thursday

Because everyone behind us can go fuck themselves.

Hearse Girl Lily

Hearse Girl Danielle made it back to Colorado for the event and subsequent abuse

Just look at that sunshiney disposition

When the out of towners ask to borrow your machete for cake cutting. I have no idea when the last time I cleaned that rusted ass thing was but fuck it, no one reported lock jaw so I'm going to assume it all turned out ok.

Steph and family

88 Twin Drive in owner!


FRIDAY - Meet and greet and dinner cruise


Friday is the day for the meet and greet at the park where we take pictures, meet everyone and play a game of Capture The Funeral Flag to get everyone aquainted. Afterwards we cruise to local diners to invade them for the evening

Some of the Pikes Peak Hearse Association making it down for the event

The most famous dent ever.

Lily and Alex

Beginning the game of Capture the Funeral Flag to get everyone acquainted and friendly for the weekend

The Vegas crew in full force


Hearse Girl Rae

Picture inception

Cleaning off the last pieces of masking tape from the new paint job done just a few days before

Rosies diner, our dinner host for the nightr

Afterwards at the camp site. Camping is an integral part of the HearseCon experience, it's cheaper than a hotel and more accommodating to fires than a hotel as well. Plus it gives us a chance to mentally scar nearby boy scouts for life so it's really a win-win. Camping also includes food, drinking, late night horror movies and just an overall great time.


SATURDAY - Cemetery picnic, Decay and Shine Car show and more camping!


Cemetery picnic time! Another HearseCon tradition

The beginning of the Decay and Shine Car Show at Stevos Pizza in Aurora, this is the big day for HearseCon where everyone comes out of the wood work to show off their rides.

Dustin and Ashley

A whole metric ass ton of white hearses

The beginning of the hearse obstacle course, Demon leading the way


The Hearse Girls volunteered to grab the goal flags for the drivers

Rae making a run for it

Hearse Girl Lily winning the race

Hearse Girl Savanna

Stevos flame throwing coffin

Danielle and Mallorie

Art may have been slightly inebriated but bought us pizza so it's a win for everyone

Hearse Girl Liz

Dryer Fire playing some of their hits including billboard hit "Poo pants drunk"


SUNDAY After Party


Post event celebration at Lady's tattoo shop in Kittridge!















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