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HearseCon 2016!

Every year HearseCon happens in June in Denver Colorado, 4 full days of "Dames, Death and Depravity" marked by live music, fire, hot girls and hotter hearses! Best of all, it's free. It's not the only hearse event out there, it's just the best.

While you're here, check out the great coverage Autoblog gave us in this awesome video!



Early bird meet and greet, drive in movies


The Vegas crew showed up nice and early this year!

Outside waiting for the theater to open and blocking some traffic!

Jess and her amazing 1958 Cadillac hearse

Lytawn arriving from a long drive!

Molly Jo and Jordan arrive from Chicago

If this hearse could make it, I gaurantee yours can too!

Alexi, shooting some fire at the theaters request

Harold making it in all the way from Vegas

Hearse Girl Sara after working on her Buick all week long to get it running for the event!

Alex, Sara and Catie

A few of the attendees before the movie

Jess had some bad luck with a leaking gas tank but still managed to make it to every event over the weekend!


Pre-show at Frightmare Compound! Frightmare agreed to host our Friday night activities, including some live music, capture the funeral flag and some other events!


Hearse Girl Lily Aurora taking care of the merch table, thank you Lily!

Several news crews were present both days and Autoblog did a story on the event, find the video and story here!


Capture the Funeral Flag is an annual event at HearseCon to help everyone get to know each other and let loose a bit! Just like capture the flag but with...well, you get the point.

Demon makes his move

Sara making a run for it

Molly Jo gets sneaky

Hearse Girl / Hearse Driver Sara posing at the event!

Demons ride making an appearance!

Lytawn and Karen showing up

Some of the Colorado Springs crew

The band for the night!

More Colorado Springs representing!

Franks Phantasm themed hearse

Raoul and his girlie!

Skully making it all the way from motherfucking Canada!

More friends from the Midwest!

Alex Marie with one of her two hearses


Larry finally made it out with his 63 Oldsmobile hearse by Cotner Bevington. Not only that, he was one of two that make it to this meet, Mick Mulders 63 Olds landau was here on Saturday as well!

The Frightmare Compounds hearse!

Lily Looking hot

Molly Jo, Jordan and Kelly

Denver Hearse Association VP Brian!

Daniel Toliver who helped make this event happen shows off his awesome lighting on his Superior!



Camping, breakfast, Decay and Shine car show (Complete with obstacle course, awards, fire and music!)

Camping is a regular part of HearseCon. In order to save money and build friendships, many of our attendees and organizers will meet up and camp overnight, watching movies, drinking, eating and having a great time sleeping in the hearses! You can't get much closer to your hearse than sleeping in it!

Getting ready to leave and start the day in Alexi!

The view on the way out

On the way to breakfast

Invading Village Inn's parking lot!

Running into Matt on the way to the Decay and Shine show!

Lily Aurora wearing not a lot of clothing that isn't see through!

Demon's ambulance

Boo the Ghost showing up in his 1968 Superior

Mick Mulder and his 1963 Oldsmobile hearse by Cotner Bevington

Sara's hood arriving on the roof of Alexi! It was off for engine and transmission repairs so we had to bring it down on the roof the day of the show to complete the car!

Molly Jo dressed up for the big day!

Hearse Girl Paige showed up for the Decay and Shine!

Some of the cars that showed up for this years event!

More Hearse Girls!

Sara Spitfire fire dancing!

Harley Hearse Girl!

James showed up in his awesome hearse to have some fun for the day.

Not many limos usually show up normally so it was nice to see this on the field.

Dryer Fire playing for the crowd at HearseCon

Hearse Girl Kaitlin

Some action from the Hearse Obstacle Course/Race

Leaning out to make the pickup faster (Flags need to be collected along the way to win!)

Speeding through the parking lot

Running like made to win it!

Hearse Girl and hearse driver Sara posing in the shade!

Taking it easy

Death Hearse, star of Death Hearse On Satan's Titty Highway making an appearance. This car has killed a ton of regular passenger cars in the filming of the movie and still runs like a champ!

Molly Jo and Madelaine

Eric selling some of his art and sculpture work

Hearse Girl Bambi

The kind of sunburn you get at HearseCon!

Hearse Girl Alexis

Mallorie being a punk as usual

Elaine taking a break

Art and family

Hearse Girl Madelaine

Hearse Girl Chelsea

Sara's ride made it like a true beast despite transmission problems the week before!




After party at Hearse House!

See you all in 2017!