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Meets in October part 1

Hearse girls Marika, Sara and Zac (Not a Hearse Girl)

Sara playing on her hearse

Hearse Girls Sara and Danielle at the Golden Super Cruise

Everyone in the back of Brian's hearse!

Danielle and Sara at the Golden Cruise

At the Cheyenne Zombie Fest

The local funeral home participates in the zombie fest in Cheyenne.

Zac and Sara

At the monster truck rally

Alice posing

Alice sizing up the situation to decide if she wants to climb the outer wall of the hotel in Boulder Colorado. She does! Video below...


Demetrius and Sara did some pretty ambitious climbing of their own.

Brian - "That seems a bit personal, I don't even know them yet!"

Heather's hearse.

Brian's Krystal hearse

At Rod Brewer's place...