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HearseCon 2013 4 days of dames, death and depravity

Every years in Denver Colorado we host HearseCon, 4 days of hearse oriented mayhem and fun!

Day 1 - Early Bird Dinner

A few out of towners arriving early from as far away as Canada!

Cassie and Molly Jo

Karl and Anna

Later on at Nickel a Play, the best, sort of, arcade in Colorado


Day 2 - Meet and Greet, capture the funeral flag and dinner cruise

Molly Jo posing with the hearses, all the way from Minnesota!

PT Cruiser Hearse

Playing capture the funeral flag, a good excercise in team building/reminding ourselves how pathetically out of shape we all are!

Later on at dinner



Day 3 - Cemetery picnic, Decay and Shine car show, camping and horror movies

Everyone showing up for the cemetery picnic on Saturday


Robb all the way from Canada!

Not sure this is the intended purpose of this monument but whatever.

Lady's tattoo shop hearse


Danielle ruining a perfectly good glamour shot for Brian

Getting gas before the show

13th Floors hearse

Haunted Mines hearse

Delorean anyone?

The showfield

Tim and his casket grill

Not exactly a hearse but it fit right in!

Rods hearse

Hearse Girl Kellie

Our new hearse club shirt

Hearse Girls Chelsea and Sara

Sara and Zac

Wise ass!

Hearse Girl/hearse owner Sara!

1967 Superior 3-way

Hearse Girls Danielle, Sara and Marika

Norm and Christina

Alex striking a pose

Alex and Cassie

Molly Jo on her hearse

Alex and Sara

Hearse Girl Nicole

Hearse Guys...never as good of an idea.

Zac and Chelsea

Mallorie and her ride

Hearse Girl Danielle

Hearse girl Cassie

Hearse Girls Hannah and Sincerely Freakish

Hearse Girl Marika


Day 4 - Potluck/pool party!

Everyone at the potluck, completely taking over the neighborhood streets!

What to do when it starts raining at HearseCon

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