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Random meets 2010-2011

040111150315rescue.jpg (466866 bytes)
Rescuing a Miller Meteor from a field in Parker Colorado

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DSCN0132matt.jpg (326816 bytes)
Drive in movies at the 88 Drive In Theater in Commerce City

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DSCN0136blues1.jpg (384276 bytes)

DSCN0137hearsedoors.jpg (392828 bytes)
Caprice hearse!

DSCN0139hearsefront.jpg (343493 bytes)

DSCN0140_hearse_landau_bar.jpg (364112 bytes)

DSCN0149blues.jpg (431848 bytes)

DSCN0153alexi.jpg (352964 bytes)

DSCN0155alexi_casket.jpg (320812 bytes)

DSCN0160alexi_casket_4.jpg (256484 bytes)
Alexi's glowing casket, these are for sale btw! Send us an email if interested

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DSCN5150.JPG (309738 bytes)
Matt and Kim before the Brighton parad

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DSCN5162.JPG (301065 bytes)
Everyone lined up, ready to go for the parade

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DSCN8824bomber.jpg (305185 bytes)
Alexi with a stealth bomber

DSCN8850.JPG (298357 bytes)
Historic cemetery tour with the Pikes Peak Hearse Association

DSCN8852.JPG (381035 bytes)
The PPHA crew

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DSCN8854.JPG (459961 bytes)
Karl and Anna

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DSCN8858.JPG (306348 bytes)
Modified funeral flag

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DSCN8871.JPG (311057 bytes)
Arts badass monster hearse

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DSCN8888.JPG (292531 bytes)
Casket lowering elevator

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DSCN8890.JPG (340896 bytes)
Smelsea. I mean Chelsea...sorry...

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DSCN8930.JPG (282472 bytes)
Leaving for dinner

DSCN9285.JPG (303905 bytes)
Traveller Hawk at the cemetery Easter Egg Hunt

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