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Death Golf

I found this place randomly driving one day and decided I needed to go buy some golf balls and play a few rounds in one a putt-putt golf course that looked like a Scoobie Doo episode.

I am fairly certain this was the last time this place was used for mini golf, although I am sure it was still an active hub for hobo stabbings, hobo camping and on special occasions, hobo rapins'. Of course it was a good opportunity to get some of the Hearse Club out and invite the Hearse Girls along!

Parked outside

Hearse Girl Sara waiting to go in

Hey look! A picnic table...upside down...in some severely Aids-ey looking water.

Sara found this hat on the ground. Not even joking about that. Pretty sure she left with a family of scalp parasites but whatever

Alex playing a quick game. Putt Putt gets a lot more exciting when you have to shoot around stained hobo mattresses.

Danielle didn't like my balls in her face.

The clubhouse