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Halloween Season 2014


One thing about being a hearse club is that if you're not raking in the free shit over Halloween season, you're doing it wrong!


Outside a beer fest that we were invited to, because if there's one great crossover in this work, it's cars and getting hammered! Wait, maybe that's not actually a very good crossover after all.


Steve and Trish Palmer's bad ass paintjob

I put the night time shots first even though it's not chronologically correct, fuck you it, they were better pictures...all artistic and shit, so suck it!

The Colorado Springs/Pikes Peak Hearse Association gang

Jimmy Z's sweet ass ride

Sara being Sara. Funny side story - since we drove all the way down to Colorado Springs for this, we were damned if we weren't going to get Sara drunk since she was the only championship drinker among us at the time.

Pretty much the only thing we got for coming to this event was free admission and these little beer mugs that were so small they'd be a tight fit in a GI Joe's hands but we were resolved that at least one fucking person was going to get something out of this event so I let her have my mug too, as did a few others and even running around full speed chugging every pissant tiny mug we could get her, the 5' 0" 95lbs girl did not get drunk. Keep that shit in mind before you pay to go to one of these events thinking that it's a cheap way to get hammered, it aint!

Sara looks like Lynn-Z from Mindless Self Indulgence right here, just sayin'

Artistic desaturated photo and shit.

Meet the Spirits at Columbia Cemetery. This cemetery is only open 1 day every other year during October. During that time the only cars in here are antique hearses as part of the Boulder Historical Society's day long celebration of people buried there.

Elitch Gardens meet. Big thanks to KBPI and Kairee who always take great care of us during the Halloween season!

Robot and Misty

Steve, owner of Stevo's Pizza and host of HearseCon every year!

Brandon Fistell's hearse at City of the Dead


Meanwhile at Colorado National Speedway, thanks to Jim for a great time at the race track!

















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