Custom Caskets For Sale

Pictured here is an old school style casket that I built and has a gloss finish with inlaid blue LED lights under the lid. The LED lights are set to 12 volts for automotive applications but can be converted to household current if you're planning on using this as a coffee table, household fixture or prop. The LED's give off a very decent amount of illumination and add a lot of atmosphere! I do custom orders as well and if you're looking for a simpler coffin for a prop or something you want to customize yourself, I also do that! Delivery is available for a reasonable fee.

More basic caskets start at $200, led and effects caskets (ones that have fog or special lighting, speaker boxes, etc) range in price from there. Hit me up for quotes or visit hearseclub dot com to see some our other items for sale. Send an email to us here for pricing and custom orders



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