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Marauder Mini Strobes

These new strobes are the brightest new purple strobes available, are weather proof and offer better coloring and perform better than any other funeral strobe on the market.

* Brighter than any other funeral strobe on the market
* Pursuit quality construction
* Heavy Duty metal casing
* 3 Distinct flash patterns
* 4" lights, perfect for confined spaces or tight fits
* Genuine Cree LED chips
* Comes with controller
*Free shipping within the continental United State, international orders contact me for rates please

A word about light transmission:

When it comes to visibility, purple lights are very, very hard to get a good performance out of. Clear lights go the furthest and as you go down the color spectrum the distance light can travel due to the color reduces greatly. Orange and yellow go far, red goes less distance, blue even less. Once something is in the range of purple, it has a hard time getting a decent throw from the light.

Many of the "Funeral" lights on the market today are actually far more pink than purple, due mostly to either lack of quality electronics or being only lightly tinted to help the light transmit further.

Our new line of strobes have the best of both worlds, offering a light that goes further and has the truest funeral process purple color available.

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Marauder Hearse/Funeral Strobe X2 $110, free shipping within the United States