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The Agents of SORP WEBSITE HAS MOVED. Contact us at or go to to see the new updated site. This website you are currently visiting is out of date and will be deleted shortly. 


Emo Assault Squadron kicks off SORP Films!!!
April 2007

Emo Assault Squadron has been getting an increasing amount of attention lately and we are proud to announce the formation of SORP Films. Bringing you the highest quality of anger fed, misanthropic, rage addled films anywhere on the internet. 

A formal website will be online shortly and we are wrapping filming for our newest film Sunday April 22nd. Expect the new film to be online in less than two weeks!

Destructacon pics and videos online!

Destructacon 2006 was a resounding success as the Agents and Operatives of SORP congregated to destroy everything in sight with a unique collection of new weapons direct from the SORP Ballistics Research Team.

Pictured above is Aftermath, the newest addition to our family of destruction. Click here for pictures and videos of the entire event. 

New Website design
Many people have been writing, asking the status of SORP and all things Ringpop, and the answer is here bitches! New website design by myself and Agent Dragan. Look familiar? It might if you visit the FBI website often, we stole the HTML directly from them. FBOWNED!!!

Updates will be following soon, new pictures of our conquests, directions on how to disrupt things in your town and of course, new Agent field reports. 


The SORP Day Of Destruction is coming!
ETA August 2006

he Agents of SORP are planning a national day of destruction, cleverly named 'The SORP Day Of Destruction". Plans are still top secret, but whatever we do, you can bet that it won't benefit the human race, that is for damned sure.