HearseCon 2018 Hearse Giveaway Details And Rules


Yes, it's true! We're giving away an actual hearse this year...

Last year we wanted to do a raffle but we hit a small snag, the Colorado Government considers raffles a form of regulated gambling and doing one would have gotten us in a lot of trouble...however there is no law against us straight up giving the mofo away for free which is what we plan to do! So here are the rules!

No tickets to this giveaway will be sold, it is completely free.

To enter you must bring a hearse to the show field the day of HearseCon Saturday June 2nd at Stevo's Pizza and ribs and be present from  12 pm until the winner is announced via drawing around 6 PM.

Hearse Drivers - IMPORTANT DETAIL! Since we are looking at what could very well be unprecedented attendance, we may institute staging (aka parking) times to facilitate both getting everyone parked without a traffic jam AND ensure everyone gets registered for the hearse give away. Since we're packed SOLID this year, once you are parked there is NO LEAVING since there will be other cars in your way most likely. If you do not plan to stay for the entire event, please let us know and we will put you in the over flow lot. If your hearse leaves before 6, you will not be eligible for the giveaway. Yes, you can leave your car and grab an uber somewhere, but you do have to be present at the drawing and your hearse has to be present the entire event, 12-6.

Random people showing up without a hearse are not eligible for the drawing. Period. Bring a hearse to win, that's the rule, you can read why below.

You can leave but your car must remain present the entire time. You personally must be present at the time of the drawing to win, anyone whose name is drawn that is not there to claim the prize will be invalidated. There will be no exceptions for this and no stand ins for you will be allowed. If you and your car leave early, you will not be ellgible for the drawing.



Q. What type of hearse is it?
 A. We will be revealing the make and model of the hearse in February, short answer, it's not a basket case or junker, it is going to be a quality coach.

Q. Can I bring more than one car and get more than one chance to win?
 A. Fuck YES you can. Anyone bringing more than one coach can contact us directly to coordinate early staging. You can park at the main show field as early as Wednesday night, the area is home to a 24 hour business but we cannot guarantee vehicle safety. It's a reasonably well lit place with cameras, etc but again, no guarantees.

Q. What if I don't own a hearse, how can I enter?
A. Borrow a hearse, rent one, etc and bring it yourself.

Q. What if I can't find one to bring?
A. Then you don't qualify to be a part of the giveaway.

Q. That's not fair!
A. I know, I'm being really mean about giving away a free car. I suck.

Q. But if someone who doesn't already own a hearse can't enter, that sucks! If you don't own a hearse you need one more than some guy who already has one!
A. Need? You NEED a hearse!? Bitch please. No one NEEDS a 7,000 lbs car that gets shitty gas mileage and offends the neighbors. If you're too poor to buy a hearse, what you probably need is a Honda that gets great gas mileage and fits in compact parking spaces.

The goal of this give away is to get more hearse drivers and hearses to our event, if you don't bring a hearse you don't qualify.

Q. Can I bring an ambulance?
A. Yes as long as it is a sedan based ambulance. Box or truck style ambulances are not eligible.

Q. Can I bring a limo?
A. If the limo is a funeral car, yes. That means 24 Hour cars and 6 door limos only. Party limos and busses do not qualify.

Q. I have a mail truck that I put landau bars on, it's not EXACTLY a hearse but can I bring it anyways?
A. Morbidly themed cars are welcome to attend but they do not qualify for the contest. They're cool but our end goal is getting hearses, ambulances and limos here.

What about my old car that has a spider web grill or my black Cadillac? It's kind of like a hearse!
A. We're sure your car is cool but unless it was used to transport the dead, dying or people who attended the funeral, no.

Q. Does the hearse run?
A. Yep it runs and drives BUT there is no warranty of any kind on this car, if it blows up and kills your entire family or has demons that rape your family cat or something, not my problem bruh. There is no warranty on this vehicle expressed or implied, you are solely responsible for insurance and licensing of the vehicle without exception. You will be responsible for transport of the vehicle and its removal from the event, so like bring an extra driver with you. 



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