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Hearse Give Away!
Sponsored by HearseCon and Morbid Curiosities Carnival!


We will once again be giving away a free hearse at HearseCon and Morbid Curiosities, taking place June 15th 2019 at Stampede, 2430 S. Havana, Aurora, CO 80014   


There is no purchase necessary for the Hearse Giveaway but you MUST be present at HearseCon/Morbid Curiosities Expo on June 15th at 4 pm when the winner is announced. No stand ins, substitutes, etc will be accepted. If you are not physically at the event and present at the time of the announcement to respond, we will draw another winner. All rules for entering must be adhered to in order to win. Failure to adhere to these rules disqualifies your entry.

1. See above, you gotta be there to win
2. You must make 3 posts about Morbid Curiosities to your Facebook or Instagram account. 2 posts leading up to the event and one post the day of (this post will be a picture of yourself at the event) The post must include a link to the event page (Either the HearseCon page at https://www.facebook.com/events/332262734283719/ or the Morbid Curiosities Carnival Page at https://www.facebook.com/events/464657880731376/ ) the post must be public. These details will be verified and if your name is drawn on the giveaway they must all be adhered to or your entry will not be honored. Multiple posts on the same day are not allowed.
3. You must fill out an entry form available at the ticket counter upon arrival, this will help us verify all entries.
4. You are responsible for all licensing, plates, insurance and maintenance on the vehicle
5. Posting from multiple accounts is not allowed, photo ID is required to verify identity and attempting to defraud the contest by using multiple accounts will disqualify all entries.