More and more often in recent years people have been looking to make the funeral services of their loved ones more tailored to fit the personality of their loved ones that have departed. 

As such, the hearse is an integral part of this service. We have been contacted by families and funeral homes in many instances seeking hearses that are untraditional, elusive, or otherwise uncommon. 

In many cases the deceased may have been a Ford or Chevrolet enthusiast and would have enjoyed a ride in a hearse derived from their preferred auto manufacturer. Perhaps they were fond of the color purple, red or green and wanted a service that reflected that affinity, or maybe they just loved old cars in general and would not want to be driven to their final resting place in anything newer than a 1965 vehicle.

Whatever the case may be, chances are we can accommodate your needs and make your loved ones final wishes a reality.

Please contact us for pricing and availability.