Make money on the DVD!

Although many have never heard of it, this is a time honored practice among those who enjoy underground film making that often produces great results!

So here it is! The master plan of making money on your SORP DVD, it's called a viewing party, it gets cash for both you and SORP Films, helping us make more movies and you recoup your expenses.

Here is what you do - Set up a viewing party and tell as many people as you want about it.  A viewing party can be held at your home, a club, a bar, a theater, ANY place that you can show the DVD, it can be as intimate as your living room or as large as a public venue, whatever you feel like you can get some people to.

Charge people some money to come watch the movies and let them know that it is to help support underground film. Charge whatever you think is fair, somewhere between $2 and $5.

At the end of the viewing party, you take half the money and send SORP Films the other half to help us make more flicks. If you can get 50 or 1000 people in a club that is awesome, but if you get 5 people over to your house THAT is awesome as hell too because it helps spread the word and makes you a little cash on the side you didn't have before either.

If you plan on hosting a viewing party with your DVD please email us and let us know if we can help in any way