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It's a fact of hearse ownership - These cars attract attention. Mostly good, but some bad. At some point, unless you store your car indoors all the time and keep a close eye on it and pretty much post an armed guard every time you leave it alone outside, someone will screw with it. Just locally, we have known of hearses to be egged, tagged with spray paint, had their tires slashed and VERY commonly, had their windows broken out. 

Right up front, before you read on, this isn't a sales pitch guys, we don't get any sort of money for mentioning this here, we are doing it because it is a sound way to protect your car and repair it if someone screws with it.

The advice listed here will give you a great recourse in order to rebuild or repair your car should someone take exception to it and decide to vandalize it. Like we said before, it's not a matter of IF, it is a matter of when and how bad the damage will be. If you don't listen to this very sage advice and your shit gets ruined, you have only yourself to blame for being a fool.

It is very simple to protect your investment. State Farm insurance company offers a policy called "Comprehensive coverage, including glass." This is available for usually under $150 every six months. Figure that most glass panes run over $150 and most paint jobs start out at $300 and you can see why this is important. 

The coverage itself covers ALL forms of vandalism and even at the approximate $150 price is available with a $0 deductible. Be sure to get it with a $0 deductible because it makes no sense to have a $300 deductible if only one piece of glass is broken or the damage is minor and the cost for the $0 deductible is only a few bucks more, so why not? Best yet is the fact that it is available through State Farm even if you do not insure your vehicle with them.

To contact State Farm nationally you can call them at 888-702-2307 to find an agent near you.